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Legacy Systems Impacting Your Growth?

LogicalCube is a cloud-based distributed application specialist that delivers deep expertise, insights, a customised approach, and exceptional collaboration.
Together, we can empower your business for growth.
LogicalCube is an Official Google Cloud Partner.
Official Partner: PD-29250

How we help you

Our seasoned experts have deep experience across Data Engineering, Cloud-Native, Cloud AI, FinOps and Machine Learning.

Cloud Migration

Keeping up-to-date with best practices for operating safely and securely can be complex – you need a trusted partner.

Cloud Native

Modernise your apps for speed, scale and cost reduction. Accelerate modernisation of your legacy systems.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering services can unlock your data silos, letting you harness more data from diverse sources in less time & cost.

Managed Services

We proactively manage cloud environments so they always perform at peak, so you focus on what you do best – your clients.

For All Kinds Of Business

We develop applications and services for organisations like yours. Explore how we can be the right fit for you.

Mid-to-Enterprise Business Local-to-Federal Government Make Big Ideas Happen Start-Ups

Plan, Develop & Deploy
the Right Solutions.

From infrastructure to data analytics, we provide the expertise you need to unlock your business’s full potential.

Your Digital
Transformation Partner.

Our team of experts will work with you to define and discover the right approach for your project. We specialise in creating digital solutions that will enable you to exceed your public mandate.

Get the Right Team
Behind You.

Using a technology partner allows you to engage only the resources you need for the time you need them. Get access to other services to support your startup through its maturity phases.
De-Risk Moving

Cloud Migration

  • Scalable & Future-Ready Environment
  • Realise Business Value Immediately
  • Cost-Optimised to Budget
  • Process Driven

Cloud Native

Transform your apps for cloud speed, scale, and economy. With Cloud Native, you can design your apps to take full advantage of the cloud to enhance your overall customer experience.

Say goodbye to costly on-premises servers, and make the switch to Cloud Native.

Unlock Revenue Insights

Data Engineering

  • Bring structured and unstructured data together in a central repository
  • Data is handled end-to end, from formatting to resilience and security
  • Data becomes easier to access – regardless of source
  • Improve efficiency, save time, effort and cost

Managed Services

Whether you’re a business executive or a seasoned IT professional, using managed services can make your life easier. It’s like gaining the capability of an IT Department with the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your application users. Let us partner with you.

Common questions asked of LogicalCube

Got any questions?

Where is your team located?

We’re spread across APAC. We’re based in Australia (Sydney) however, we have resources in Vietnam, Singapore and New Zealand.

Can you start work right away?

If you have a project in mind and want to check how soon we can help, please reach out, and we’ll let you know.

Can you provide me with a quick quote?

Cloud consultancy is incredibly complex and no two projects are the same. For an accurate estimate and timeline, we recommend going through our Discovery Call process. Once we have a better understanding of the scope and resource requirements of the project, we are more than happy to share budget estimates.

How do we meet?

We are pretty flexible and most initial calls can be done via Google Meet or Zoom. We are also happy to meet face-to-face as well.

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