Cloud Cost Optimisation

Cloud Spend is Skyrocketing & It’s Hard to Know Why

You’re not sure which workloads are driving up costs and why. You’re second-guessing every cloud investment decision.
With cloud cost optimisation, you can take control of your cloud spend. Our team of experts will help you analyse your cloud usage and costs, identify areas for improvement, and implement cost optimisation measures to optimise your budgets.
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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Our Cloud Accounting team typically applies the following cost optimisation best practices when assisting clients in enhancing their FinOps strategies. These practices are widely accepted and effective in reducing cloud-related expenses – freeing up budgets and reducing stress.

Proactive Rightsizing

Cloud costs can take a significant chunk of your budget if you are not careful. Luckily, there is a way to save big on cloud costs without sacrificing the efficiency of your infrastructure.

We can proactively monitor your compute resource utilisation and rightsize your infrastructure to help you save big!

Monitor Cost Outliers

Your cloud usage and bills can be unpredictable and difficult to manage. You may not know where to look when you see unexpected spikes in cost. We monitor and correct cost outliers in your cloud usage.

We empower you to respond to any cost challenges before they cause havoc to your budget.

Cost Awareness

Cost-cutting is a priority. It’s difficult to know where to cut costs and how to raise cost awareness. What if you could develop a cost awareness culture that promotes transparency, exposes hidden waste and dangerous spend patterns?

With cost awareness culture, you can identify areas of improvement and reduce costs, thereby increasing your profitability.

FinOps Cloud Optimisation

Got any questions?

How can we identify areas where we can optimise our cloud applications and infrastructure costs?

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your cloud usage, cost allocation, and resource utilisation to identify areas for cost optimisation.

What are the potential cost-saving strategies or best practices we can implement in our cloud environment?

Strategies such as rightsizing resources, using cost-effective instance types, leveraging reserved instances, and implementing auto-scaling can help optimise cloud costs.

Are there any specific tools or technologies available to help us monitor and manage our cloud costs effectively?

Sure. You could utilise cloud management platforms and cost optimisation tools like AWS Cost Explorer or Azure Cost Management to monitor, analyse, and control your cloud expenses effectively. We can assist in identifying the most appropriate tooling based on your cloud provider.

What considerations should we keep in mind when scaling our cloud resources to balance performance and cost?

Consider leveraging auto-scaling, load balancing, and cloud-native services to ensure optimal resource allocation and cost savings as you scale your cloud infrastructure.

How can we continuously track and analyse our cloud usage to identify cost optimisation opportunities and eliminate unnecessary expenses?

Implement continuous monitoring and analysis of your cloud usage, set up cost alerts, and regularly review and adjust your resources to maximise cost optimisation and eliminate unnecessary expenses.